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Zebra motifs are a designer's dream, so elegant and timeless. Here are some of my favorite projects.

Young zebra grazing
This is my best-selling zebra mural of all time, Young Zebra. It can be ordered in 2 sizes:
18" x 12" for$360.00
24" x 18" for $720.00
Burchell's zebras at a waterhole
This group of Burchell's zebra mares at the waterhole is my favorite tile of all time. I would love to expand it into a larger mural for you.
Zebra mare and foal
This mare and foal tile was created by carving the stripes into an unfired clay tile. Fun!
Group of Grevy's zebras
This is a single tile, called Group of Grevy's, that could easily be expanded into any size multi-tile mural.
3-D wall sculpture of a Grevy's zebra stallion
This is a molded wall piece approximately 10" x 16" x 2" made from my sculpture and hand-painted by me. It is a Grevy's Stallion, and sells for $400.00.

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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