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Christmas Tree Ornaments Made from YOUR photos

These house ornaments are always a thrilling surprise to receive as a gift. For the person who has everything, they are perfect. You dont have to worry "Do they already have a portrait of their house to hang on their tree?"

Image of a house ornament hanging on a tree
See what lovely ornaments these make?

They are only about 3 inches wide!

house ornament
house ornament

Photo of three house ornaments with a quarter for size reference Here is a photo of three house ornaments, approximately business card size, made from clay and fired in the true ceramic process. (The quarter is for size reference) With care they will last virtually forever. Here is how I make them:
First, you send a picture of your house with instructions for what you want written on the back, if you want snow on the roof, etc, with a check for $75.00 which includes shipping and insurance. [email me for info, or click a PayPal button anywhere on my site]
Sample of a client's home
This is a sample photo to work with
first template I make for clay ornaments First I make a drawing of the house's outline then cut it out of card stock slightly larger than I want the ornament. Clay shrinks up to 14% while drying, depending on the clay you use. I place it on top of a rolled slab of clay, then cut around it.
The clay cutout for the ornament This is the clay slab that, when dry, I paint all the tiny details that make your house your own. I fire it once, cover with clear gloss glaze and fire it again. I tie nylon string or ribbon through the hole and there it is!
You have a family heirloom to pass on within your family. These make good retail items for your clientele to take home from your B & B to remember their stay. [contact me for wholesale volume discounts]
The finished ceramic ornament, some say It's a photo!

NEW this year!!

Portraits of purebred dogs!
Here is a Bearded Collie named Jericho

These doggie ornaments are $55.00, shipping and insurance included.

Ornament of Australian Little KingfisherOrnament of the Australian Galah parrotOrnament of the Greater Hornbill
Also fun are special orders for various species of birds and wildlife. Here are three, the Australian "Little Kingfisher", The Australian "Galah" parrot, and the Indonesian "Greater Hornbill", a large and magnificent bird. For $55.00, you can order whatever special wildlife mammal or bird that you like.

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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