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Wildlife Ceramic Tile Murals

I do hand-painted tile wildlife in a realistic style, so if you have a favorite American or African wild animal, this is the place to have one made for your wall. They look great in any room. All my work is one-of-a-kind and fully guaranteed.

American black bear accent tile
Single accent tile of a black bear

Many of these 6" tiles were installed in the above shower.
Young adult raccoon exploring
Eyes of the wolf...
Another raccoon
The American cougar
Fox in the winter
A sleepy fox
Whitetail deer
6 inch tile of the American Black Bear
The American Black Bear alt text
Brown bears

A bear at lakeside
A bear at lakeside Raccoon kits
Precious doesnt even describe these two Raccoon kits, waiting for lunch.

Relief tile molded from my sculpture
This Chameleon is a molded tile made from my own sculpture, 4" x 6" tile.
alt text
Brown bears

Relief tile of a chameleon stained solid green Relief tile of a chameleon made from terra cotta clay and stained.
Relief tiles can be pressed out of different clays and stained in many solid colors, The left tile is in all green, the right tile is a dark green on red terra cotta. Many different effects can be created this way. Using pastel shades have a totally different look in a room than bright or dark colors.

Relief tile of a Manatee
This Manatee is a molded 6" tile made from my sculpture. $60.00 including hand-waxed solid oak frame

Relief tile of Key Deer
The Key Deer is a molded tile that I made from my sculpture. Exactly 6", these will, along with the Manatee, Blue Heron and the Panther, inlay into any wall with 6" field tile.$60.00 each
Bathroom mural of Dolphins
What could be more fun in your bathtub or shower than dolphins? 6" mural tiles start at $60.00 apiece. Order on any Pay Pal button, all through my site pages.
Relief tile of two elephants
This is a molded 4" x 6" relief tile of two elephants, I call it "Elefriends"
Elephant after rolling in red clay
An old elephant after rolling in red clay.
Alt text
African elephant
Alt text African elephant tile
3-D wall sculpture of a Masai giraffe
Masai Giraffe is a 3-D wall sculpture, molded from my clay and hand-painted. It is approximately 10" x 16" and wired to hang. $300.00
Giraffe mother and baby
Mother Giraffe and Baby
Alt text
Giraffe tile

Alt text
A bugling bull moose
This mural of a Bull Moose Bugling can be ordered in two sizes:
18" x 12" for $360.00
24" x 18" for $720.00
Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey

A small mural of a Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey
Single carved relief tile original
This Orang Utan carved relief tile is one-of-a-kind. I can carve anything you like out of clay and make a tile out of it
Alt text
Large Mandrill Tile
Relief tile of a Greater Panda
This is a 4" molded tile of a Greater Panda
Tree Frog
Reptiles and amphibians, along with some "friendly" insects like ladybugs and dragonflies, are great design elements for kitchen and bathroom murals.
Timber Wolf mural in a Colorado kitchen A wolf mural in a Colorado kitchen. Wolves are awesome, order a mural of any size (mural tiles start at $60.00 each) along with some accent tiles, if you like, of pine boughs, wolf footprints, etc.
Wolf in the moonlight Wolf in the full moonlight
Alt text
White Wolf
Alt text
African Rhino
Alt text

Hippo tile
Alt text
alt text Mama Polar Bear and young
alt text Polar bears
alt text Same scene done in majolica style
alt text
We're on a roll!
alt text
Penguin mom and baby
alt text
Penguin at sunset
alt text Chinstrap penguin
alt text Emperor mom and baby
alt text Polar in solar

The following tiles were done for a lady who breeds this strange creature as a pet.   It is the South American Capybara, a 140-pound giant rodent, rather like a guinea pig I am told.
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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