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Here are some examples of enthusiasm from my happy customers who purchased one-of-a-kind hand-painted ceramic art tiles.

"We love our mural and we love our artist!" Scott and Michele D. , Indiana
A large fresco-style tile mural for The Seafood Steward tv show
Wowiee Kazowiee!!!!! Really couldnt be nicer in my opinion!!!!~Larz M., Clackamas, OR

It's incredible! We are very pleased!! Robin B., Vavay, IN

Reproduction on ceramic tile of the client's mother's watercolor
I absolutely LOVE the way the tiles came out. I couldn't be more pleased if I tried! They never fail to give my spirit a lift! I'm so glad I found you on the Internet! ~Carol T., Natick, MA

Portuguese Folk Art-style tile mural in the Tree of Life motif
They arrived in fine shape and we just love them!! The picture is just perfect and I can hardly wait to get it put on the wall. Thanks for the fine work. It is so perfect for our space~ J. [Click the Installations tab above to see this installed]

One herb tile from a large series of ceramic art tiles---basilherb tile--garlic bulbs
She was very pleased. She said that it is exactly what she has been looking for and would be proud to have these in her kitchen. I thought they were very colorful and detailed, like the real thing. Good artistic work. Thanks for pleasing my wife. Morgan B.~ Gallatin, TN

State flower of Tennessee on hand-painted tile, the Iris
The tile is perfect! Send it on! ~Sharon A., Seattle, WA

Owls mural with tile bordersclose-up of one tile in the Owls of the Night ceramic mural
The tiles and colors are absolutely beautiful and exactly as we had visualized them. You do magnificent work!!! Regards, Arlene and David D., Miami, FL

Yankees logo put on a floor tile
I am so pleased with the results of the custom work done on my 2 floor tiles! From the onset, Dy has been so patient with my questions, questions, questions! She replied to all of my e-mails so promptly! I believe she could design just about anything on a tile! It was well worth it......a keepsake and a one-of-a-kind piece of art! I highly recommend Dy and her custom art work to anyone interested in individualized and custom tile design! ~Beverly B.,Taylors, SC

Mural of a fish pond on glazed porcelain tile
Woohoo! Looks fantastic...Thanks so much!~
Rich M., Pleasonton, CA

Ceramic art tile mural installed of woman baking bread
I broke into tears when I put your mural together and saw my grandmother once again baking bread in her outdoor oven. Thank you so much for bringing her back into our kitchen and our lives.~
Judy G., San Francisco, CA [see close-up on Custom Tile Murals page]

Tile mural of birch trees among fall foliage
The hand-painted birch trees you did for my kitchen are very well done, beautiful, and make my kitchen unique. The colors are deep and rich---just what I wanted. I looked at 50+ web sites as well as books at my local tile companies before choosing your work. Thank you again.~
Alison S., Idaho Falls, Idaho

Mural on ceramic art tile of undersea fantasy life
My shower is an underwater wonderland! So bright and beautiful! Thank you from my heart for the gorgeous tiles. The fish, mermaid, turtle and seaweed in my shower make me feel like I should hold my breath! Thanks again.~
Vivian M., Mingoville, PA

4 inch clay relief tile in frame of Giant Panda
Dy, I had to tell you that the panda just arrived and I __love__ it! It must have been a little bittersweet letting that one go, but I promise to treat it with the care it deserves.~Terry S., Lawrenceville, N.J.

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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