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Pricing Info for Ceramic Art Tiles

It is difficult to give pricing information because with one-of-a-kind hand-painted tile, there are so many different processes by which they are created, all vary in the amount of time and labor they require. But I can give a range of approximate prices based on the least time-consuming to the most time-consuming processes. These prices are for 4-¼" tiles, 6" are generally less than twice the price of 4-¼" tiles.
NEW! Now available, 8" tiles for any mural or single accent --starting at $120.00 each.


$30.00 and up--Portugese Folk Art-style, which is line and underglaze wash and can be done in a single firing
$40.00 and up--Any 2-firing process of my glazing on commercial bisque blanks, ie., the Blue Jay, the herb basket, etc.
$45.00 and up--Hand-made tile
$55.00 and up--Hand-made relief tile, pressed or molded into a high-relief sculpture-type tile, 2-firing

All other tile sizes are proportionately higher.

Murals, as opposed to single accent tiles, have an added charge of 25% of the total cost. Also, they are not priced on a "per-tile" basis because there are so many variables and obstacles in painting beautiful murals, such as the size, subject, grout lines in the image, and many more.

To pay with credit cards or cash, there are Pay Pal link buttons all over my web site. Click any one for a fast and secure way to order tile work. Feel free to send deposits by check, but it does add some time to the overall project turnaround time. Call or Email me for contact information to send checks or money orders.

My policy is to charge a $50.00 non-refundable design fee for custom orders, unless the client has an image all ready for me to use, then the fee is waived. When you receive and approve the color scan of the design (one re-work is included), I will receive 50% of the total mural cost. When you receive the digital photos and/or the scans of the finished tile(s), you send me the balance of the mural cost plus shipping and I will ship the tiles insured.

Hand-Painted tile takes time, just as any craft well done. If you have a large order, any amount over 25 tiles, please allow 3-4 weeks. Most projects take less time.
If you need to talk to me on the telephone about a project, PLEASE CALL

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