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South American Designs in Hot Colors

There are many places in the home that remain basically all white. These are the places for hot color accent tiles. Whether a simple accent plan of a few carefully placed single tiles, or an ornate, bright and splashy mural over the sink in an all-white bath, these designs carry a lot of bang-for-the-buck! Some are molded in relief, some are flat, but all are hand-painted in ceramic glaze, the most intensely brilliant pigments in the art world.

South American symbol tile of the crow
This is my interpretation of a Peruvian tribal symbol for the crow. This one is a relief tile design, molded from my sculpture. These designs are all available on hand-painted FLAT tile (not relief) starting at $45.00 each for 4-1/4" tiles, and in all colors of the rainbow. This one I call "Night Sky" because the crow body is glazed in a starlight glaze.

My interpretation of an Aztec Sun design. The client wanted some of the "meanness" removed for her sons' bathroom.

South American tribal symbol for ibis
Symbol for an ibis in very hot colors

South American Tribal symbol
Tribal symbol for clan

Another ibis.

Symbol for a warrior on hand-painted tile
This warrior symbol is in more muted tones, but you get the message!

Tribal symbol for thistle
Tribal symbol for thistle

Tribal symbol for clan
Tribal symbol for clan

Two Ibis

Hand with a sky background

The Green Hand

crow tileibis tile
These fun tiles can be co-ordinated in any scheme you like, in your favorite colors, and placed anywhere you need a bright accent!

Tabletop tiles based on my Peruvian designs
Table tiles based on my Peruvian designs

Design based on Talavera tiles
Design based on the Talavera tradition
Just for fun
Wacky design just for fun
A line-up of various South American symbol tiles, in various colors
This is a line-up of various size and color tiles from the Peruvian series, including the Ibis.
A Peruvian ritual design on an 8 inch tile
Though this is one large 8" tile, this tribal ritual tile would also be stunning as a mural of 4 or 9-6" tiles.

Two Peruvian tiles, hand-painted, not molded
These two sample tiles are hand-painted on flat tile, not molded.
A mural of small symbol tiles around the larger bird design
This mural of small symbol tiles surrounding a larger bird tile is one way to use these bright and versatile tiles.

Image of the installed mural, in a temple-shaped array
Here is another way to use them, in an Aztec temple-shaped mural. These designs were created for a client who said, "I want some South American-based designs, and I want them to be bright!" A photo of her bathroom when it was finished is included here. I offered her exclusive rights to the designs, but she was so happy with them she said, "Spread them all around the world!" They have been my best sellers.This is the bath for which they were originally created.

My interpretation of Mexican Talavera-style tiles
For blazing color without the crackly craze lines that Mexican Talavera tiles are "famous" for, here is one example of my interpretation of that lively style on tiles that are higher-fired, that way they can be used in steamy bathrooms and behind greasy stovetops.

Design in bright colors of a desert lizard on 4 inch hand-made tile.
6" hand-made tile of my own design, with a desert lizard in bright colors.

All images © 2013 Dy Witt
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