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Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Here are some samples of Egyptian hieroglyphics. You can order name tiles, names of states, pets' names, favorite phrases and more!

Hieroglyphic tile of two forms of the letter A
Two symbols for the letter "A".
Hieroglyphics for the letters, R, E, I and S
Four letters in a last name.
A falcon god done in crackle glaze to look ancient
A falcon god done in crackle glazes.
Symbol for the letters P and A, for Pennsylvania, done in crackle
A tile representing the state of Pennsylvania
Tile representing Florida, with F and L
Hieroglyphics of the symbol for New Jersey, N and J
Here is a tile for Florida, "FL", without the crackle look, and New Jersey, "NJ" with the crackle. Both are on 4" hand-made clay tiles, mottled to look like old limestone and hand-painted. These are without frames, and can be purchased for $45.00 apiece. Make sure to let me know if you want a hook on the back.

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