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Everyone has their own favorite fantasy creatures.  Something about their legends appeals to our deeper selves, and so we pick specific ones that resonate inside us.   I enjoy painting them, in any color or style that appeals to you.   The wilder the better!

Ceramic art tile of a Dragon holding a crystal spear
This is a single 8" tile of a dragon in the moonlight, cornered and ready to do battle. This one is ready for sale now $150.00 includes shipping

Ceramic art tile mural mural of a Chinese dragon
A mural of a Chinese-style dragon, made from 3-6" tiles.

Ceramic art tile of a Sea Anemone
Here is some sort of sea anemone
Ceramic art tile of a Blue Frog
This is a frog that is blue just for fun!

Ceramic art tile of a Unicorn in a forest
The mythical Unicorn, investigating a light in the forest.

Ceramic art tile of some sort of imaginary creature
I painted this, but I don't have a clue what it is

Ceramic art tile of a winged sea horse or serpent
Is it a sea horse or a sea serpent?
Ceramic art tile of a sea serpent
I do not know, but here comes another one!

Ceramic art tile mural of a Fish rug
These are stoneware floor tiles that were made to look like a rug, with little tassles on the corners.

Relief tile of a dragon guarding a pearl
This is a 4" relief tile of a dragon guarding a pearl.

Cartoon tile of a racing turtle
A cartoon of a racing turtle

Ceramic art tile mural of undersea fantasy life
This is a lively and fun ceramic art tile mural of an imaginary undersea community.

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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