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Custom Tile Murals

These ceramic tile paintings are one-of-a-kind murals that I have created for my clients. These are all extraordinary in some way, as in size, design concept, or.... I am just proud of them!
No matter what your color, space or subject needs are, together we can create a unique ceramic art tile piece for your living space.

Canadian Wilderness mural installed...marvelous!

The golden hills of California.
The golden hills of California.

horse on the golden hills of California.
A close up of the horse in the mural to left.
A portugese tree of life mural installed.
A Portuguese Tree of Life mural installed.

A traditional blue and white design of a Calfornia dairy farm

Modern art by Fernand Leger
Modern art by Fernand Leger

The golden hills of California.

horse on the golden hills of California.
Two custom Great Horned Owl tiles.

Summer poppies mural.
Summer poppies mural.

An Aztec sun mural.
An Aztec sun mural.

Close-up of the Aztec sun mural

A home called The Shore House in Scotland where the client was born.
A home called the Shore House, where the client was born.

Fairy tiles
Fairy tiles in a bath

Relief carved tile of a beaver building a dam
One-of-a-kind relief carved tile of a beaver

A relief-carved tile of a whitetail deer
A relief-carved tile of a white-tail deer

A relief-carved tile of a river otter
A relief-carved tile of a river otter

A relief-carved tile of a gray squirrel
A relief-carved tile of a gray squirrel

Dairy cow and calf on 8" tileAntique milk can
Dairy cow and calf and an antique milk can on 8" tiles as accents to a dairy farm mural.

A tile mural reproduction of a painting of a close-up corkscrew
This reproduction of another artist's work was one of the most challenging and rewarding ceramic tile murals of my career.

Street cafe sceneLarge and challenging mural of a street cafe scene, and a close-up view below.

Close-up view of a portion of the above street scene

Mural of undersea fantasy life
This undersea fantasy mural was so much fun to create!

Copy of a French poster
I can copy your favorite posters exactly

Kitchen where the custom poster tile is installed
Here is the above tile poster installed in an elegant kitchen.

Mural from a toile-print fabric
Mural taken from a toile-print fabric

Mural of a farmyard scene from wallpaper
I can also copy your favorite wallpaper!

Close up of farmyard mural
Here is a close-up of the rooster

Rose arbor back yard
A client's back yard

This is a lovely waterfall on the property of a client's grandparent in Tennessee
Waterfall over a creek in Tennessee
Mural of South American symbol tiles
This is a composite mural of South American tribal symbols in single tile designs wrapped around a large tile of a fabric design, used in the "Cuña" ritual.
Large mural of an Italian bread oven
The client wanted to bring memories of her grandmother from the Old World into her new kitchen.
Oven tile mural installed in the client's home.
So she did!

closeup of a birch tree backsplash
Birch trees are classic, and with or without the fall foliage, they are elegant in a backsplash.
You can have any size you want for $60.00 per 6" tile.

(To order Birch murals click here)

Square tile mural of deep-woods birche trees
This mural made it into Timber Homes Magazine!

A tile mural can immortalize a very special companion, like these prize winning bunnies.
Mural of Show Bunnies
Single tile of a Bouquet of Flowers
This makes a beautifull mural for kitchen or bath in two sizes:
12" x 12" $200.00
18" x 18" $450.00
Portuguese Folk Art tiles in multi-colors
An interesting configuration of multiple-colored Portuguese Folk Art-style tiles.

A musician client wanted some musical tiles around his wood stove--here are two of the many instruments he plays.
Shower mural of the Rainforest Canopy
This view of a Rainforest Canopy is installed in a shower.

Mural of an old Penmanship Lesson for Crow Quill
A mural done of an 18th century penmanship lesson, teaching children how to use a crow quill. It was no easier with a brush, but it looks stunning in a white shower.
An Asian fireplace surround This fireplace surround is of a bamboo thicket at sunrise with cherry blossoms above.
[ For close-ups and ordering info click here]
A large Fruit Basket mural with 39 running tile backsplash
This Fruit Basket mural has a backsplash underneath made of 39 tiles in a long row, all connected by flowers, fruits and vines!
Favorite pets, like these two Kitty Sisters, can be immortalized for all time.
Tray with brass handles of Kitty Sisters
Oak table of my design of Macaws
Table tiles can be made of any subject you desire. This oak table has macaws feeding and chattering away in the trees.
Oak table with my design
This design is unique in that it was created so that the four tiles can be spun around and the design still works!
close-up of one table tile
This is a close up of ONE tile out of the four 8" tiles that made the above table. It is quite an optical illusion!

Table with my own design based on African art
Though we now make tile tables out of wood not metal, I still paint table tiles for any type of table. This is my own design, based on African art and symbols.
Tropical Reef in cartoon style
Coral reefs of tropical fish in this whimsical style are so fun for a child's bathroom. Any size or subjects, i.e. fish, crabs, octopi, eels, jelly fish, etc are $50.00 per 6" tile.

Family crest mural for  the name Ferriss
The Ferriss Family Crest

Family crest mural for  the name Ferriss
enter description
Zebra mares at a waterhole
Zebra mares at a waterhole

Bathroom tile mural of a klarge red tulip and a G cleff
A large bathroom mural of a red tulip and a G cleff
Southwestern chess set
Southwestern Chess Set, made with hand-made tile around 64 porcelain tiles, framed in oak--Not for sale

Hand-made oak box to hold the chessmen to hang on the wall.
Chess men in colors to co-ordinate with your chess board, balanced and with felt bottoms--$80.00.
Civil War chess set
The American Civil War
close up of the Confederate side of the chess board
A close-up of the board, the Confederate side
close up of the Union side of the chess board
A close-up of the Union side of the board

Longhorn cattle skull on one 4-1/4" tile, then framed.

All images are © 2013 Dy Witt      Contact Dy

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