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Artist's Bio

I am Dy Witt, a ceramic artist with over 25 years in ceramic glaze handling.
For 25 years I did dog, horse and wild animal portraits in colored pencil, and still do, but the first time I painted a tile I was hooked! The layering techniques I learned from my colored pencil work, which is almost as unforgiving as ceramic glaze, were just what I needed to pull off the intricate detail for which my work is known.
I have surfed the Web intensely, and I have seen no one who paints such a wide variety of subjects in so many different styles and processes as I do. They say, Specialize!, but there are too many things I want to paint! I have done everything from Victorian restoration tiles and period reproduction tiles, to contemporary graphics, and everything in between.
If you have even an INKLING of what you're looking for in hand-painted tile, we can work together.
And the best part is, if you are not thrilled and amazed at the quality of my tile painting, I will cheerfully refund your money!

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